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The iOS Post Directory

Gustavo Franceschini- Founder, Editor and Writer

Ponce, Puerto Rico


Founded iTavo Blog in April 2009 as a Blog. The purpose was to have a resource for friends to look for the latest info, tips and tutorials about Apple products to help them make the most out of it. In May 2010 it became the site that it is today and it has been modified over the months to meet the needs of the readers and take a more simplistic look. In December 2010, we started our collaboration with Tecnetico in the Macnetico section, a section dedicated for Apple users, giving us even more exposition to a Spanish reading audience.

In March 2011 we made our biggest change yet. Going from iTavo Blog to The iOS Post. The change was done in order to adjust to the reality that the blog is not one person anymore. We chose to change because it has become a more serious poposal.

In 2011 and beyond, our goal is to continue to gain readers and expanding to meet even more needs from our readers.


Roy Gonzalez- Photographer

Rincón, Puerto Rico



Apple fan and photography expert, Roy promotes Apple products every chance he gest as he passed his knowledge to people in tools to take the most out of the Apple products. As a photographer, Roy works independently for any occasion and and provides his work online at his Digital Studio

His coverage will be around photography but will not exclusively be around it as he will help readers to stay up to date on the ease of use of Apple products.

Alexander Rodriguez-  Graphic Designer, Film Editor

Vega Baja, Puerto Rico


Student from the Theoretical Physics program at the UPR-Mayaguez and graduated from the Certificate in Film Studies. Self taught in the arts of graphical design, visual effects, CGI (Computer Graphic Images) and film editor. I have experience and basic knowledge in programs like: adobe products (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Encore), Final Cut Pro and Cinema 4D, among others

"I found the manipulation of images and the creation of visual effects intriguing to give birth to an idea or concept so my audience can have an experience like no other." Alexander will be covering everything that has to do around graphics, editing and all around software that helps you achieve great results on this particular area.

You can see his work on his .


Review Units and Sponsorship Information

The iOS Post not only posts articles related to the latest news. We love to create original content related to additional hardware and software. For us it is very important that our readers get our point of view regarding products that they might like to acquire.

We have conducted many reviews, as evident in our Reviews section, and if you would like your product to be review by The iOS Post staff, please send an email to . We don't accept pay reviews and the published review represents our sole opinion of our experience with each product.

If the company decides to let us keep the product that's the company's decision and it will not influence our published review in any way. It is very important for both the company and our readers to understand that we are not and will never be influenced in any way by any company regarding products and services.

The iOS Post also has sponsorship opportunities. There are many events during the year to where we go to give our readers first hand information. We offer a variety of opportunities regarding sponsorship that go far beyond to just placing ads. We offer opportunities tailored to your company and needs. For more information regarding this please send an email to