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The NIKE+ FuelBand, the Fitness Wristband with the Success Many Want

Image: Nike Inc

As time pass, mobile technology evolves and there are even more devices that are designed to monitor body activity. From the Fitbit to the Jawbone UP, there are more companies trying to get into this device category.

One company that is known for its share of products in the sports ecosystem is Nike. Recently they launch the NIKE+ FuelBand with lots of success. This band controls and measures people’s movement as it motivates them to be more active.

The FuelBand is ergonomic, which means that wearing it for extended periods of time is no problem. While you have it on, it measures your steps and calories thanks to a built-in sports accelerometer.

Data obtained by the FuelBand is displayed on an LED matrix screen, which goes well with the band’s design.

If you think this is not enough, or sports and exercise is not your thing, the NIKE+ FuelBand also displays the time, which means it can be used as a wristwatch.

How does the FuelBand motivate people to move around? It gives NikeFuel to people, a point system related to the activities that are done by any given person.

Users establish goals and as they achieve them they start to win NikeFuel points that are display on a series of LED lights that go from red to green.

The NIKE+ FuelBand can also share the data to a computer through a built-in USB so it can be seen in more detail. For those with an iPhone, the FuelBand syncs with the NIKE+ FuelBand iPhone app via Bluetooth.

The FuelBand has had such a great reception it is currently sold out and only those that managed to order it for $149 will get it for now.

Mark Parker, President and CEO of Nike Inc | Image: Nike Inc

According to Mark Parker, President and CEO of NIKE, Inc., 

“ Through the NIKE+ FuelBand, Nike has found a way to develop even more fascinating possibilities to fuse the physical world with the digital world.. Nike has always worry about inspiring athletes, and the NIKE+ FuelBand will help motivate them in a simple, fun and intuitive way”.

Athletes love the NIKE+ FuelBand and during the launch event, 7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong stated: 

“ The idea of the NikeFuel and the NIKE+ FuelBand is fantastic because it provides information and real numbers to display the level of activity that is been realized by people during the day, every day. That’s what will incentivize them to increase their level of activity and improve their own records. This tool is design to help people become more active”.

Stay tune, as we will have more about the NIKE+ FuelBand very soon.

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