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Buffer is the First App to Hit the iOS App Store with Support

Image: Buffer

If by now you don't know what is let me give you the heads up. Recently caught the public eye thanks to Dalton Caldwell's attempt to make an ad-free social network. In order to achieve this, members must pay a fee that at the moment for those in the alpha test was $50.

The idea behind this is that ultimately everything that is done, all changes, are done with the users in mind. Rather than damaging the experience like Twitter lately or Facebook long ago.

Dalton created a Kickstarter-like page where people could backup in order to continue the effort of developing the service.

With there is an open API where developers can use to build all sorts of apps, but if you enter you will see it resembles Twitter. But that's not the end product. At then end, could end up being a platform were developers can hook up, create great apps and offer them to the members.

Think of an "open-sourced" social network; that's not a bad idea, but still it has a long way to go.

So far there are a lot of apps being developed, but those that are high profile are Storify, which recently announced integration on the web, and .

Buffer is a service that allows you to add messages or posts to a queue that will be posted to the selected social networks at a given time. This time is determined by Buffer as the best times to post these messages as they will grab the most attention from followers.

Of course you can select your own times and/or post at that exact moment. Something similar to auto-schedule on Hootsuite; which was unveiled recently long after Buffer existed.

Buffer updated their iPhone app bringing the support from the web. And it works exactly like it works with the Facebook and Twitter integration. Buffer is now the first iPhone app available publicly that users can use to post to this new social network.

Buffer is free and available in the App Store [iTunes Link].

- If you already are on you can follow me as @iTavo

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