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You Want to Install iOS 7 on Your iPhone Now? Just Don't

As with any announcement regarding a new version of iOS, many are eager to try out the latest mobile software form Apple. New major releases are first available to developers as a beta and released on a later date to the public in the coming months. But many are eager to install it now for many reasons, but mostly to have something that most people won't have. Here in The iOS Post we caution you not to do it, and here's why.

In order to get iOS betas you need to be a registered developer and pay the $99 a year fee. Sure, you can pay somebody $10 to let them register your UDID, but if that somebody gets busted by Apple, that means that you are left with an unfinished version of iOS.

If you decide to do so by the book with Apple, or not by the book with a UDID Registration service, do not install iOS betas on your everyday device. Beta versions of iOS, or any software whatsoever, are often buggy. When it comes to a new major version of iOS, the first beta is even buggier. iOS 7 can decrease the battery life of your device considerable, we have seen 30% or more dropped in an hour with very limited use. 

We have seen reports and experience high temperatures, even when the device is not in used, locked and not using any apps with background location.

There are also reports of resprings, or when the iPhone's SpringBoard restarts. Sometimes, and as it is notified in iOS 7's release notes, the iPhone can wake up without receiving notifications, calls or even touching it.

Then there's lack of third-party support. Sure, most apps work, but they are not adapted to the recent graphic changes and you can see UI glitches. This diminishes the experience of using your iPhone and you will grow impatient very quickly.

iOS betas are not meant to be used by the public, these are meant to be used by developers to get a sense of what's new so they can start working on their apps and services in order to get ready at the time of public release. If you install many will get frustrated and will want to go back to iOS 6. Save yourself some time and just wait for the public release.

iOS 7 has many problems, as with any beta release. Apple will surely take the feedback from developers and will polish it in time for the release.

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