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Tip: How to Download and Store Your Google Reader Data

Google Reader comes to an end today and if you haven't migrate your RSS feed to other services, I suggest you take your Google Reader information, which contains your tag and starred items, feeds and more with you. It is very easy to do, just follow these steps.

Steps to download your Google Reader data 

  • First, go to on your computer
  • Then, on the tab above click on "Choose services"


  • In the next screen select "Reader". Once selected, Google Takeout will estimate the size of the download

  • When Takeout finishes calculating the size, press the "Create Archive" button below

  • The next screen will show the download that has been prepared and once it is completed click on "Download". Takeout will ask for your Google credentials again to authenticate.

  • Once you confirm your credentials, the file will download to your computer. Make sure you save that file securely in case you need it to migrate your feeds and content to other services in the coming days or weeks. 

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