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CNN for iPhone Updated with New iOS 7 Design

CNN has updated its iPhone app today with a new look for iOS 7 devices. The update also brings some of iOS 7 features like support for Dynamic Type, which lets you adjust the size of the fonts on the iPhone's settings.

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CNN App for iPhone Now Has US and Worldwide News Under One App

CNN has updated its CNN App for iPhone and it now bundles the US and worldwide news apps in just one. The update also brings CNNMoney and some enhancements.

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4G Cellphone Signal Just a Misleading Term, Hence a Myth

There has been a lot of promo going out this last months about 4G coming to different carriers, the latest been T-Mobile and expected in the next days Verizon Wireless. But are they really giving users 4G?

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Follow The Rescue of the Trapped Chilean Miners [Live Stream]

Nothing has grabbed the attention of the world like this particular situation. 33 miners trapped in an accident in Chile have endured more than two months below 2,300 plus feet beneath the earth. In an unprecedented predicament, the world has learned their names, their particular lives and how they have lived in what has become their home for these months. Now is time to come back up and reunite with their love ones. All the media is there to cover every single detail. In this world of today, live streaming is available almost everywhere. You can see what's happening in Chile and support from the comfort of your home, or from whenever you are.

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