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Behringer Releases Smaller Model of their Huge iPhone Dock the iNuke Boom

Do you remember the insanely huge iNuke Boom iPhone/iPod dock from Behringer? I sure do. I saw it in this year's CES and the 700 lbs is even bigger in person. I doubt somebody bought it, but I really think some people will buy the new, smaller version, the iNuke Boom Junior.

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Tip: How to Show the Dock on Full Screen Apps on Mac OS X Lion

This is an easy to do tip. If you asked yourself how you can show the dock whenever you are on full-screen mode on Mac OS X then here's how to do it.

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LandingZone Dock Makes it Easy to Connect Everything with Your MacBook Air [Kickstarter]

We love Kickstarter here. Here you see how simple projects and inventions take off. And when it comes to accessories that expand the way we use our Apple products there is no short of options. The latest to catch my eye is the LandingZone for the MacBook Air. It is a dock created by InfiniWing that simply makes possible to connect your MacBook Air with everything without having a clutter desk.

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Sony Introduces Their First iPad Dock

Sony has announced their first dock compatible with the iPad. In the present Sony has a variety of docks for iOS devices but still hasn’t release one that is compatible with the iPad. The new RDP-X500iP solves that problem. 

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