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Google Now for iOS Looks Pretty, But Its Not for Me, at Least for Now

Google Now for iOS launched yesterday to much fanfare as a un update to the exiting Google Search iOS app. The released prompted lots of posts by websites stating that Siri is doomed, that the app is on the top of its category. I kind of disagree on a couple of things. Indeed the app makes it very easy to add stuff that you care about if you use Google services like Search, Calendars and Emails, but the way it works on iOS is not the best, and that's beyond the fact that is not integrated into iOS.

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Google Now Arrives on the iPhone and iPad

Google has just updated its Google Search app for the iPhone and iPad to bring the long rumored Google Now to iOS. The digital "assistant" that has been available for Android users for quite a while comes in form of an app, rather than part of the OS, but will sure make an impression. You just need to install or update the Google Search app.

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Get Over It: New Voice Feature on Google Search for iOS and Siri Do Not Compete with Each Other

Google finally released the long awaited update to its Search app for iOS. The app was anticipated since August when the company teased the new voice search functionality, which is similar to Google Now on Android 4.1. It wasn't long when the "Google Search's New Voice Feature Destroys Siri" headlines started to appear and the reality is that those headlines are dead wrong.

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Google Search for iOS to be Updated with Google Now Feature

So Google wants to compete with Apple's Siri feature. And what a better way to do this than bringing Google Now to iOS.

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