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Slacker Radio Now Native on the iPad

Slacker has finally updated its iOS app to support the iPad natively. The result? One of the best music playing apps in the App Store, is right there with the Pandora app for iPad, which is one of my favorite apps. 

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A Whole New Way of Visualizing Music in the iPad with Planetary 

You know how singers and bands are called stars? Well there is an app that took this very seriously allowing users to take the music experience and display it very differently.

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Now Playing Tweak for Facebook via Jailbreak

Something that is quite a pain in mobile devices is letting people know what you are actually listening to. There are apps that work well, some definitely not. One of the easiest apps that work great is Soundtracking which shares what you are listening easily to Facebook and Twitter.

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Soundtracking Makes Sharing What Your Listening Fun Again

For some time I've been waiting for an app that really shares the music I'm listening to in an easy way. But making it easy is not enough. It has to work correctly. I have tested countless apps that work whenever they want and don't display music like I want to. Then came Sountracking, which kinds of feel like Instagram for music. Why? Here are the details.

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Going to SXSW? iTunes Has Some Free Music for You

People are starting to flock to Austin for this year's SXSW. Are you going there? I'm not, but wish I could. But if you are going, or even if you are not, iTunes has some music for you.

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Apple Working on Unlimited Music Downloads

Reports state that Apple is working on an arrangement with Music Labels to allow users to download unlimited music from iTunes. How does this works?

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Thrillist Giving Away iPod Touch With Linkin Park's Catalog

Want a new iPod Touch? Like Linkin Par's music? Wel Thrillist has you covered. By subscribing to their email list you will enter the give away of a new iPod Touch.

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Gorillaz Release First Fully Recorded iPad Album

Over the Christmas weekend, major recording band Gorillaz release The Fall, the first fully recorded album on an iPad. The album, which has been release for free at Gorillaz's site was recorded with a series of apps on the iPad.

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