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Entries in Soundtracking (5)


Soundtracking for iPhone Brings New "Song of The Day" Feature

Soundtracking for iPhone has been updated today to bring a new feature called Song of the Day. The feature brings a new song picked from popular and emerging bands and artists for users to check out every day.

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Soundtracking for iPhone Updated with Instagram Integration

Music sharing app Soundtracking updated its iPhone app today to bring Instagram integration. The app now lets you share a "music postcard", along with the options of sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. The update also includes improvements to the notifications design.

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Soundtracking for iPhone Updated to Integrate YouTube, Spotify and Rdio

Music iPhone app Soundtracking has been updated to allow users to watch YouTube music videos and play music through Spotify and Rdio.  The app's update also includes some iTunes music library improvements.

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SoundTracking Updated with Redesign, iPhone 5 Support

Music discovery iPhone app SoundTracking has been updated to version 3.0 today. The app has been redesigned, now sports iPhone 5 support and much more.

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Soundtracking Makes Sharing What Your Listening Fun Again

For some time I've been waiting for an app that really shares the music I'm listening to in an easy way. But making it easy is not enough. It has to work correctly. I have tested countless apps that work whenever they want and don't display music like I want to. Then came Sountracking, which kinds of feel like Instagram for music. Why? Here are the details.

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