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Omni Group Releases OmniPlan for iPad

The Omni Group, developers behind great productivity apps for iOS and Mac, has finally release the long awaited OmniPlan iPad app. This app lets users visualiza, maintain and simplify projects by monitoring an entire plan. 

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OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad, the Premier Productivity App [Review]

I’m a hardcore user of the so called task manager apps or to-do apps. I have a bunch of them in my iPhone and iPad. I even embraced the new Reminders app that Apple created and included in iOS 5. But sometimes you need something more powerful.

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Quick App Update: OmniFocus for iPhone 1.12.1, Local Reminders and More

OmniFcous is more of a premium task management app and one of the most awarded ones too. It is a little more expensive for my taste but certainly it is very useful.

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