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Entries in Spotify Radio (3)


Spotify iPhone and iPad App Will Have a Radio Feature; Will be Available for Non-Premium Users Too

Spotify has announced today that its iPhone and iPad app will be available for all users in the US for free with the next update. These non-paying listeners can use a new radio feature that will give them access to over 16 millions songs.

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Spotify Radio on Your iPone with SpotON 

One of the features that I really like on Spotify is the new radio feature. The sad thing is that this feature is only available on the desktop app, not the mobile app. Well, along comes a third party app to solve it.

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Spotify Refines Spotify Radio, Ready to Take on Pandora

The Spotify Radio feature is not new. . So what is the real news? It is now well refined and looks much better than it previously did. 

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