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Entries in Star Walk (3)


Star Walk for iPhone and iPad Goes iOS 7 with Latest Update

Popular and award-winning iOS app Star Walk has embraced iOS 7 with today's update. Version 7.0 of the app brings a necessarry refreshed graphics, as well as a flatter icon.

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Star Walk for iPhone and iPad Updated with New Visual Effects, Rebuilt Info, Sharing, More

Astronomy app Star Walk has been updated today with great new features. The app now displays new visual effects, new sharing button, new gallery and rebuilt info.

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Explore the Night with Star Walk for iPhone

One thing most people that know me, know about me, and those that don't know me well really didn't know is that I'm a science geek. One of my favorite and most passionate field of study is astronomy. Since high school I've been reading about it, exploring the night and watching meteor showers. When I bought my first iPhone, the first app that I downloaded was Star Walk for iPhone [iTunes link]. 

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