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Trapster for iOS Updated with UI Changes, 3D Buildings, More

Navigation iOS app Trapster has been updated. The app, which is mainly use to report road hazards and police traps, now includes the latest imagery from Nokia's HERE maps SDK, including 3D buildings. The update also includes some changes to the UI, better background performance, and more.

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Trapster for iOS Updated with a New Trap, Improvements and Fixes

Driving report app Trapster has been updated with a new trap option, improvements, big fixes and much more. Trapster is very wildly used for reporting accidents, police traps, and more.

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Trapster 5.0 for iPhone Now Available for Download

Trapster has just released version 5 of their iPhone app. The popular app is widely used to report police traps, but has grown to have traffic and social elements.

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Trapster 4.5 Brings Navteq Maps, Enhanced UI

Trapster has issued their biggest update to this date with their latest version. Trapster 4.5 looks more matured and brings a couple of much needed features.

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Trapster Gets Hacked; Users Must Change Their Password

As of yesterday, the people at Trapster reportedly got attacked on their website and apparently the over 10 million users passwords might have been exposed. Trapster is a moile app that lets you post "speed traps" or places were police might be giving tickets to drivers. It also let's you report on live police, checkpoints, speed and red light cameras and also any road hazard. We have recommended this app before and we are actually surprised of what happened. But more surprise is that they, apparently, sent users emails regarding this situation. I must say, that I, as a Trapster user, haven't receive anything, and will ask an explanation to the people at Trapster on the matter.

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Trapster Updates iPhone App

The iPhone app used to report police traps, and now accidents, flooding, etc updated to version 4.3.5 on Friday. The changes named in the update are:

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iTavo Blog Apps [Trapster]

(7) Trapster for iPhone- This is a must for all of you, that like me drive around a lot.

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