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Music Video Service Vevo Launches Vevo TV, Available on iPhone and iPad

Music service Vevo has been mostly tied to YouTube but today they made clear their intentions to run on their own with the launch of Vevo TV. Available from the web and mobile apps, Vevo TV features programs 24/7 with hits, classics and almost any kind of music genre.

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VEVO's iPad App Updated with Redesign Interface

Music video service VEVO has updated its iPad app with a redesigned interface that is more similar to both the iPhone and website.

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Vevo for iPhone Update Brings Facebook Login, Cloud Playlists and More

Vevo has updated its iPhone app with a couple of nice features such as cloud playlists, new homepage and what's been rumored recently Facebook Login, although it is not compulsory.

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Quick App Update: Vevo Adds iTunes Match Type Feature to its iPhone App

Vevo has updated its iPhone app to include a much rumored feature. Vevo's iPhone app can now scan the music library and match those songs with their video library.

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Vevo Updates App for AirPlay Compatibility

Apps have been updating in the recent weeks to support iOS 4.3. And last night, after iOS 4.3 was presented formally by Apple, Vevo for iPhone and iPad was updated to support iOS 4.3.

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Vevo HD for iPad (Review)

Vevo is the site to go to see the best music video content there is. They have the latest and most watch videos from the most recognize artists, and although their license to play the content on their site is strictly for continental US and Canada, the iOS apps allowed for viewing elsewhere.

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On Demand Music Video for iOS Via Vevo

On Demand video and movies is a trend that is gaining more users everyday. And finally a decent On Demand music video app is available for the iOS devices. Mashable reported that finally the Vevo [iTunes link] iPhone app is available for free to download on the App Store. The features are numerous:

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