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Mac 101: Solve "Wi-Fi Hardware Not Installed" on Macs Running OS X Lion

Something weird happened. I have an old white MacBook from Late 2006 and that runs OS X Lion. When I went to turn it on last night, it didn't connect to Wi-Fi. I thought this was strange since I never had these kind of issues before.

When I pay attention to the Wi-Fi icon in the top bar I see that it was white, as if the Wi-Fi was turned off. I tapped the icon and it said "Wi-Fi: hardware not installed" greyed out.

I was puzzled by this, so I decided to do a search. It turns that many people were having this issue with MacBooks as well as iMacs running OS X Lion.

How can this be solved? Simply restart the MacBook or iMac and it should fix the issues. This doesn't prevent the issue from happening again, but at least you now know it only takes a restart to fix it.

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