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Entries in OS X Lion (6)


Mac 101: Solve "Wi-Fi Hardware Not Installed" on Macs Running OS X Lion

Something weird happened. I have an old white MacBook from Late 2006 and that runs OS X Lion. When I went to turn it on last night, it didn't connect to Wi-Fi. I thought this was strange since I never had these kind of issues before.

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Apple Issues Supplementary Updates to OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion

Apple issued today supplementary updates to OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion. Updates to 10.8.2 and 10.7.5 brings some fixes to issues and are recommended to all OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion users.

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Growl 2.0 with Support for Mountain Lion's Notification Center and More Now Available

Growl has just been updated with support for OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center. The update also allows Growl to add support for sending notifications to iOS services such as Prowl and Boxcar. 

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OS X Lion 10.7.5 Update Brings Gatekeeper Security Feature

OS X Mountain Lion wasn't the only cat to get some love from Apple today, OS X Lion got updated to version 10.7.5. It brings the usual improvements to stability, compatibility and security, but also includes Gatekeeper, a security feature that was included in Mountain Lion.


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Tweetbot for Mac Alpha Updated with Mute Keyword, Storify, and GIF Support; Last OS X 10.7 Lion Version

Tapbots issued another update for the popular Twitter client Tweetbot, this time for the Mac version which is in alpha test stage. This update is the last for OS X Lion users and it brings support for animated GIF, Storify, Mute keywords, etc.

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Safari 6 for OS X Lion Brings Unified URL and Search Box, Offline Reading List and More

Apple has updated Safari for OS X Lion users. Safari 6 brings some features available on Safari for Mountain Lion, but the obvious features that are missing are sharing, tab view and iCloud tabs.

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