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These Three New iPhone and iPad Games Will Have You Playing Quite a While

When it comes to mobile, the games that hit it off are those games made for casual gamers. Think of Angry Birds, Temple Run, Draw Something. These are games made for people that play while waiting on a line, or after lunch before getting back to work, between classes, etc.

This week three very promising games have been released for iOS that for sure will have lots of you playing over the weekend, and beyond. 

Amazing Alex

This is the first game from Rovio that doesn't have to do with Angry Birds. It still a physics-based game where you have to solve puzzles in order to pass to the next level, but at least you don't have birds flying everywhere.

It features:

  • 100 amazing levels to test your creativity
  • Regular free updates with new levels
  • Create your own levels and share them with friends or with the whole world
  • Amazingly social -- share your levels and solutions with friends, or see theirs
  • 35 fully interactive objects and four fun locations
  • Download and play the best fan-created levels from around the world
  • Retina optimized for resolutionary experience

The iPhone version is available for $0.99 in the App Store [iTunes Link]. The HD iPad version is available for $2.99 in the App Store [iTunes Link].

Tiny Wings 2

This is one popular game that was abandoned for quite some time, but last week a trailer surfaced signaling an upcoming sequel. But instead of being a separate app, Tiny Wings 2 is an update to the original game.

Included in Tiny Wings 2:

  • A few new additions to the bird family
  • Hello shiny Retina Display! Tiny Wings is now as lovely as you are
  • Night flights
  • iCloud support (even syncs your game between the iPhone & iPad versions)
  • Revised menu
  • New languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch

The iPhone version is available for $0.99 in the App Store [iTunes Link]. An HD version for the iPad is available in the App Store [iTunes Link] for $2.99. 

Tap Tap Revenge: Tour

Tap Tap Revenge has been around since the App Store opened its doors in 2008. Developer Tapulous created a very popular game and prompted an acquisition from Disney this year. Now they return strong to the App Store with a new iteration of this App Store classic.

Feature set

  • Music video - themed tap tracks and enhanced light shows let you put on the concert of a lifetime
  • slice shreds through tappers like there’s no way out
  • Multidirectional shake makes the crowd go wild
  • import tracks from previous Tap Tap Revenge games

Tour mode

  • Play an Opening, Supporting and Headliner Act in a new city every day
  • Compete throughout the week for epic rewards for your customizable Tour Wall
  • Unlock extra Encore sets and win Artist swag, achievement trophies and more
  • Share Tour Wall awards and accomplishments with Facebook friends and Twitter followers

Jam mode

  • Get ready to jam as you play the latest Tap Tracks and discover a new free Featured Track of the Day or Week
  • Play endlessly in Jam mode to prepare yourself for your rocking world tour

The game is available for free in the App Store [iTunes Link].

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