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Disney Releases Where's My Water 2 for the iPhone and iPad

Disney released the follow up version of the popular game Where's My Water?. The new game brings more than 100 levels of puzzles, new "Challenge Modes" and much more.

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Disney Animated for iPad Brings the Magic of All of its 53 Films to Your Hands

Disney released an iPad app called Disney Animated that showcases the magic Disney has brought through its films. The app is packed with images, animated clips, 3D character models and much more.

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The Lone Ranger Official iOS Game Now Available

Disney released their official iOS game of The Lone Ranger movie. The game lets you become a legend in the Wild West in a role playing game inspired by the movie.

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Official Monster University Game for iPhone and iPad Available Now

Monster University has arrived in theaters and the game has landed in the App Store. The game lets you play as a Sulley, mike and Squishy in a series of challenges that go from getting a hold of Archie the Scare Pig, a Toxicity challenge and much more.

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Disney Releases Story, an iPhone App That Lets Families Captured and Share Photos and Videos

Disney is getting into the close social network business by releasing a new iPhone app called Story. The app allows families to capture moments with photos and videos and transform them into stories, save them and share them.

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Disney Releases "Monsters, Inc Run" Game for the iPhone and iPad

The latest game from Disney for iOS is Monsters, Inc Run. The game brings the loving characters from the movie in an adventure to save Boo.

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Disney Creativity Studio for iPad Teaches You How to Draw Your Favorite Disney Characters 

Disney released Disney Creativity Studio for the iPad to tech kids of all ages how to draw their favorite Disney characters. The app features activities such as connect the dots, trace, coloring and more.

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Where's My Water for iPhone and iPad Updated with New Mystery Duck Story, 100 New Levels, More

Disney Mobile has updated popular game Where's My Water with a completely new story. The game's goal is to dig a proper route for the water to reach Swampy.

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These Three New iPhone and iPad Games Will Have You Playing Quite a While

When it comes to mobile, the games that hit it off are those games made for casual gamers. Think of Angry Birds, Temple Run, Draw Something. These are games made for people that play while waiting on a line, or after lunch before getting back to work, between classes, etc.

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Animated Movie "Brave" Comes to the Mac in Form of a Game

Disney's Pixar animated movie Brave comes to the Mac with the released today of the official game. Travel to Scotland and play as Merida as she faces fierce enemies through the land.

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