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iOS 6 Boasts Twitter and Facebook Sharing Integration But Can't Share Music Natively

When Apple introduced iOS 6 last year it told us that Facebook sharing was baked in this iOS version, meaning that you could share almost anything from core apps and third-party apps that integrate it to the social network. Along with Twitter integration, iOS became socially active, which is great. But still, there is one thing it doesn't share natively, music. 

With Twitter and Facebook integration, we can share photos, apps we like, location, post status or tweet, but we can't share what we are listening to from the native Music app. Although in previous versions of iOS, the now extinct Ping service from Apple, allowed us to sort of share what we were listening, but it was far from perfect. 

We all like to share what music we listen at any given moment, it is very easy to do so from apps like Spotify, Pandora, etc. But why we need a third-party app to have such feature? It goes against what Apple should be doing.

Currently, if I want to share what I’m listening from the native Music app, I have to open Path or Sountracking, which takes what I'm listening to in the Music app and lets me share it. It even links to iTunes so those following me on Twitter and those friends of mine on Facebook can have a preview of the songs I shared; if only Apple could make this natively to help its own iTunes store pick up more sales. 

Most people won't care that much since most people don't use iTunes for music anymore. Pandora, Spotify, Rdio and even Deezer rule the music world, I should know, I'm a big Spotify user, but I still buy music that I really like on iTunes. 

Native music sharing is just one thing from iOS that we still don't have an answer as to why is not available. We all have high hopes for iOS 7 after the moves Apple made last year regarding iOS leadership. Lets see what Apple brings in the next months.

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