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How to: Report Unwanted Messages (Spam) in iMessage and Messages Mac App

Apple announced a way to report unwanted messages received via iMessage on an iOS device and the Messages app on the Mac. The process is simple and requires you to send an email with some important information.

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Hands on with Messages for OS X Beta

It was inevitable. Or iChat was included on iOS, or Messages on OS X. We saw what was going to happen when Apple released the new Messages platform with iMessages on iOS. With the release of OS X Mountain Lion this summer, Apple has replaced iChat, Instant Messenger present on Macs since 2002, with Messages, an app that allows users to communicate with other Macs as well as iOS devices.

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Samsung Releases ChatON Messenger App for iPhone

While waiting to board the first of two planes to get to CES 2012 in Las Vegas I got word that Samsung has released their multi-platform, multi-device messaging app. We got to know this app right after Apple announced iMessage for iOS devices and since Samsung gets inspired a lot like this, well, you know the rest.

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iMessage and FaceTime Blocked in the United Arab Emirates?

Mobile Carriers Etisalat and Du announced via Twitter today that mobile services such as FaceTime and iMessage. In Etisalat's announcement they stated that iMessage was subject of investigation by the TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority).

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Support: Unable to Use Phone Number for FaceTime or iMessage When Using Google Voice

Here is a tip for those new Sprint iPhone 4S owners that might encounter a problem regarding Sprint iPhone 4S, FaceTime and iMessage. If your Sprint account is integrated with Google Voice, you may be unable to use your phone number to receive FaceTime calls or iMessages.

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iMessage; the Final Nail on BBM's Coffin?

There are a few number of users out there that still carry Blackberries. Don't know why but they do. And they hold close to their hearts the BBM or BlackBerry Messenger as a means to communicate between BlackBerry users.

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