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Dropbox Now Offering "2-step Verification" Security Option; Here's How to Enable It

One important thing one has to have in mind while using cloud services is security. We have seen lately that not every service we use is entirely secure. One of the most popular cloud services, Dropbox, has been under pressure to bolster security after some breaches and they have taken the appropriate steps to do so. They bring the "2-step verification" option for users to choose as an added security layer.

A "2-step verification" security option means that you need two things; 1) something you know (a password), 2) something you have (phone, computer). You need both things in order to use the service. For the devices, you will need to authenticate them in order to use the service on them.

To enable this option you have to: 

  • From the web: click on this link and enter your Dropbox credentials
  • Once you log in, scroll down to "Account Sign In" 
  • In "2-step verification" click on "change" and then on "Get Started"
  • Enter your Dropbox password
  • Select whether you want to receive a code from SMS or generate one with an app like Google Authenticator
  • Enter the code you received from SMS o generated with the app
  • Dropbox will give you a code that you will have to store or write down. This code will be used if your device is lost or stolen to get access and to disable it from the account.
  • Once you write it down, click on "enable 2-step verification".

Once you have activated the account, you will have to activate it from your phone. Log in from the Dropbox app and use a code sent by SMS o Google Authenticator to enable the device.

Keep in mind that this security feature by Dropbox is currently on beta and you might have to try a couple of times before it accepts the codes.

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