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Tip: Lock in Your iPhone's Value, Sell It After You Get The New One with Gazelle

Many are anxious to see what will Apple unveil next week regarding the iPhone. Every time these kind of events approach, the same questions surface: “What will I do with my current iPhone?” “How can I sell mine after I have the new iPhone without loosing value?”. 

The answer is Gazelle. Gazelle buys electronic devices, not just iPhones, and they pay what the device actual value is.

Gazelle locks your quote for up to 30 days giving you time to get the new iPhone and at the same time preserving the value of it.

Payments methods include check, PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or even donate to charity.

If the offer is not enough, you can check around your home if there are any more devices you don’t use anymore that you can sell to Gazelle and add up to that initial offer. 

Visit to see what your iPhone’s worth is.

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