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Tip: Lock in Your iPhone's Value, Sell It After You Get The New One with Gazelle

Many are anxious to see what will Apple unveil next week regarding the iPhone. Every time these kind of events approach, the same questions surface: “What will I do with my current iPhone?” “How can I sell mine after I have the new iPhone without loosing value?”. 

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Gazelle Releases iPhone App, Now Sell Your iPhone from Your iPhone

Are you waiting to get your hands on the next iPhone Apple will unveil next month? Then you might consider selling your current one before the price drops. Sell it from the iPhone itself through one of the best services available, Gazelle.

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eBay Makes it Easier to Get Cash for Your Electronics with iOS App

eBay has released a new app that allows you to place your gadgets for sale from the commodity of your iPhone. Allied with AllTechWholesale, one of eBay's top Seller, eBay is set to take on the business of offering money for gadgets just like services like Gazelle do.

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Stats Show iPhone and Android Users to Switch to Verizon iPhone

On a survey perform by the people from Gazelle, the largest recommerce service in the US, done at CES show the different rends regarding users and the Verizon iPhone. Gazelle polled over 200 attendees at CES last week about whether they will switch to Verizon to get the iPhone and whether they will change their handsets. At gazelle’s site you can resell items and they expect a lot of iPhone to be resell at their site. Gazelle offered a 30 days lock on iPhone offers, for those in perfect condition. The results are:

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