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Google Reader Client Reeder Adds Feedbin Support to the iPhone Version

Popular iPhone Google Reader client, and my favorite, has been updated today. The update adds the first third party sync service that will serve as an alternative to the Google Reader service that is set to be shut down in July of this year.

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Reeder for iPhone Updated with Sharing Option to, Fixes and Improvements

Google Reader, fever and Readability iPhone client Reeder has been updated with new features and fixes. The update brings the sharing option to, the paid social network, which has been available as an option on the Mac version of Reeder for some time now.

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Reeder for Mac Updated with Sharing to, Disable Plug-in Option, and More

RSS reader for Mac, Reeder, has been updated to version 1.2 to add the options to disable Internet plug-ins, sharing to, and much more.

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Popular RSS Reader iPhone App Reeder Updates with iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Support

RSS reader iPhone app Reeder has been updated tonight to bring support for iOS 6. The update also brings support for the iPhone 5, which has a bigger screen than all previous iPhone, thus needing a small tweak to support the bigger screen.

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Quick App Update: Reeder for iPhone Version 3.0.3; Facebook Sharing is Back!

Google Reader, Fever and Readability client for the iPhone, Reeder, has been updated with some fixes, but is the return of Facebook sharing that appeals the most.

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Reeder 3.0 for iPhone Now Available for Download

As I posted this week, Reeder was about to get a huge update and that it could be available this week. It is safe to say I nailed it. Reeder 3.0 for iPhone is now available for download.

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Reeder 3.0 for iOS is Coming; Hope is this Week

Reeder is my favorite iOS and Mac app for getting the news from my favorite sites. Essentially it is an RSS feed reader app, nothing more. But the app is so well done, with lots of settings, a simple UI, sharing options and looks very well on both the Mac and iOS platforms.

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Readability App Coming March 1st to all iOS Devices

Readability is somewhat similar to what it is the Reader feature found on Safari on iOS devices running iOS 5. It strips all the unnecessary things away so you can read articles much better. Readability it's currently found on some iOS app such as Tweetbot and Reeder, which allows you to view mobile sites much better.

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