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Entries in T-mobile Puerto Rico (3)


T-mobile iPhone 5 Review

Some may ask why we are doing a review of the T-mobile iPhone 5, especially when the iPhone 5 has been on the market since September of last year. The reason is simple; we wanted to test if the iPhone is suitable for you on T-mobile compared to other companies, in this case AT&T.

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T-mobile Puerto Rico Offers Its Own Trade-in Program for Those Wishing to Switch

T-mobile Puerto Rico announced today their own trade-in program for new iPhone customers. Those with iPhone 4 or 4S that want to switch to T-mobile can receive up to $259 in credit for their new iPhone 5 or as credit in their new T-mobile accounts.

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iPhone 5 Gets Warm Welcome at T-mobile

The iPhone 5 debuted on T-mobile last Friday. The Apple device was received warmly by new and existing customers. Reports of lines appeared shortly after stores opened seem to back that up. The new direction the company is taking with no contract plans appeared to draw enough attention to those folks looking for an iPhone. In Puerto Rico, T-mobile doesn't offer the new UnCarrier plans (no contract plans, but do offer the iPhone at $99 and the option to get unlimited voice and data for $69.

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